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GreedyTorrent is used to report wrong(huge) upload traffic to a torrent tracker!
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GreedyTorrent is a nice little program. It is a hacking tool used mainly for bittorrent applications. Any bittorrent client will work with this program!
It can report to any tracker (the website used to manage specific torrent files / file sharing between the peers), that some specific amount of data has been uploaded by you! Means think of the private trackers. Many torrent websites like the torrentbits, ilovetorrents, etc are private trackers, which need you to be registered in them; and if your upload/download ratio is lower than a specific number, your account will be disabled. So, using this program, along with your bittorrent client (or program), you can create a virtual upload traffic. So, you appear to be uploading many GBs or TBs of data, but you really aren't.

Now, what it really does is that it acts as a proxy (a virtual proxy) for the peer to peer application. You may specify any port number. The IP address is "", that which is used to denote your computer from your own computer. So, you set the proxy "" with the port number you specified in "Greedy Torrent" in your torrent program as an HTTP proxy. So, all the data, along with the data of upload / download traffic passes through this program, which filters it and gives the wrong upload information to the website (tracker).
You may specify any number, the multiple of your upload / download data to set as the upload traffic.

So, this is really exploiting a flaw with the peer to peer programs, that the upload traffic is reported by the torrent client to the tracker and the tracker cannot make sure whether it is true or not!

One more thing, those who really doesn't believe me, this really works!

Zack Martin
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  • It really works! (Effective)
  • Small program


  • Setting a huge upload rate can make your account disabled!
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